I made this and this tonight for dinner. took me an hour. pretty easy prep and cooking requirements though. some random ingredients needed to be purchased but all in all i recommend it for a totally different veggie infused meal. easy on the mint in the dip though and the basil in the quinoa salad. i think i overdid it in that department and the taste was kind of annoying after a few bites. light, fresh, and great for a dinner party.

also did i mention jogee went away all weekend and came back with a tan? ooohhhhmyyyygaaaawwwwddd so good. his hotness is ridic right now. well always, but right now especially.


Kwil said...

Hahaha you're too cute.

Alyson said...

Om nom nom, looks delivious!!

kay zee said...

@ Alyson-

Are you referring to THE FOOD or THE MAN?