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Raymi was a doll and took me as her date to the bombay sapphire after work shin dig yesterday. Lucky for me it was a 2 minute walk from my work. so much for a booze free monday!

swanky town

Then we headed upstairs for the grilling/drink mixing live action with Merlin Griffiths and Chef Rob Rainford. Aside from there being a wind storm on the rooftop patio and the temperature dropping to 5 degrees there was a ridiculously sick view and the food and drinks were incredibly succulent (thank you steady maintenance for the adjective). Chatted with Julian of Notable TV for a little bit and then spotted geekigirl. Both totally down to earth radical peeps. I'm on the mailing list for notable but I've honestly never had the time to peruse through the emails or check out the website but I'm fully feeling the idea and am always a huge supporter of anything for young professionals by young professionals. its a dog-eat-dog world out there and things like this should be fully embraced.

We tried 4 different drinks:

The Sapphire Southside: lime juice, mint leaves, sugar syrup, soda water, and gin obvi - refreshing summery loved it

The Sapphire Sangaree: gin, ruby port, cointreau, lemon juice - too intense for me, very boozy

and The Sapphire Barcelona: gin, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, simple syrup, prosecco - amazing! perfect for a sundeck party!

are you ever going to make these? email me for the recipes if you're a die hard gin fan. You'll never have a gin and tonic again.

wrapped up by 8pm. perfs!

Thanks Raym's!


Raymi Lauren said...

Thuper time!

kay zee said...

aw cutey

alana da silva said...

send them to me! we love gin over here... and the GT is getting a bit old, i must say. though never boring, always refreshing... especially coming right after 2 beers...