this comic is amazing. i usually preferred sugar crisp when it came time to pick our cereals but there was definitely a solid chunk of my childhood that included the cap'n.

another unbelievable find on facebook. my brother and i were at this birthday party circa 1987 ish?

ain't that the truth.

oh jake that was fun, we should hang out again next time you're in town.

effortless. perfect. those shoes! swoooooooon

beautiful. more swoooning.

new condos in toronto have some serious hallways. you can thank you tube for the pixelation of this HD video. I should start uploading to vimeo shouldn't i. can you even do that?


beans said...

oh my god i totally had that kermit the frog on a skateboard!!!!

La Dick said...

gagash i just got that capt crunch joke! they totally wreck shop on the roof of your mouth! (it's been like ten years since i've had that shit, i just remembered how brutal it was.)

La Dick said...

i'm absolutely making gagash happen, by the way.

Highwaisted said...

gagash!!!!! totes! make it happen woman. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

i know beans! i had it too!!