going to shit.

so i know this has been talked about excessively on all toronto blogs for the past 2 years or so or whenever they jacked all the rental costs but Queen Street from University to Spadina is really going to shit isn't it? Who's with me here? I realize it's tourist central and that we have to have some big name brand stores on the strip but ANOTHER SHOPPERS DRUG MART AND ARDENE'S/CLAIRE'S??? you're killing me here. ok ok I know if you're a Toronto resident you would never CHOOSE to walk down queen between university and spadina because well obvi, you were either like me and did it enough when you were 15 or you were actually born in Toronto and well it's the same as visiting the CN Tower every weekend, but fack man can't Toronto's 'coolest' tourist shopping destination have 'cooler' stores? What do you guys think? am i disadvantaged cause i work in this area so i have to walk along it every day? would it be more of a luxury if i only visited it once every few months?

I know there are opinions on this. help a sister out. Also just out of curiousity what do you think is the 'coolest' neighbourhood in toronto right now? Actually I take the 'coolest' part back. I'm really interested in what area of Toronto you have the best time in, feel the most comfortable in, are inspired or motivated by, etc etc. I think you should have at least one or two backing arguments.

Personally I'm gonna go with Kensington and maybe Leslieville/Corktown/St. James Town/Riverdale/Cabbagetown. LOL sorry, i have high hopes for those areas.

Kensington: all chill all the time. never changes. of course there's a recognized vibe and scene but for some reason every time i go there i have a great time. no matter what bar im in, or what store i shop at there's zero judgment. Everyone's down with who you are and what you're into. It's refreshing.

I could argue the same for the east side hoods that i've mentioned above. I also find there's a nice mix of everything over there. different scenes, different people, different ages, different ghetto's, and a bounty of parks and mini farms and the beach. I know, pretty broad argument here, cause now that i think of it you could say the same about the west or the north... meh.

no i am not doing personal research for real estate purposes both residential and commercial. LOL!



Kwil said...
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Kwil said...

i loved living and working in the beach (some prefer to call it 'the beaches'). i still believe it is by far the best neighbourhood that actually has a community feel to it compared to other areas in the city. it is the only neighbourhood i would live, if i chose to move back to toronto again. it feels safe, two seconds up or down from queen east and its pretty quiet, and it has kept its quirkiness over the years- even when it gets swamped by tourists in the summer.
lived at king and bathurst- too much hustle and bustle and too many pretentious pompous assholes and suits. spice route was a real hoot for me. uptown and forest hill felt a little detached in ways. and i was literally threatened and assaulted on the streets of toronto and that is what drove me out of the city. in my mind- that is so. not. cool.

Highwaisted said...

apparently no one has an opinion in toronto or the GTA. wtf. laaaaame.

Highwaisted said...

except you kwil. and i appreciate your honesty. <3 xoxox