do you remember the time?

do you guys remember those times when you first start dating someone and they think of all these magical wonderful surprise dates for the two of you to go on? Like a short road trip to a park or a look out somewhere or maybe something totally wild like a hotel somewhere for the night, or dinner at this super cool restaurant you've been wanting to go to or a gallery that has an opening of something they think you like, or a live band you love is in town and you didn't know about it and the tickets were bought months ago?

yeah. siiiiigh.

im not baggin on my man right now i was just thinking about those dates and how i dont really hear about them any more. have all the men in our lives run out of ideas??? maybe i should just buy a romance novel.

i will say though that jogee did the laundry last night, made me dinner, did the dishes, then in the morning made me a smoothie, made my lunch, cleaned the cat poop, fed them, and to top it off filled my bike tires with air before he left for work. its amazing how different your ride can be with full tires.

boom suck a dink.

also did i mention i bought my jewelry for the wedding today? i almost had a heart attack after i paid for it. but i love it. it's perfect and exactly the kind of stuff i was looking for. i walked across the hall to visit my work neighbour and made her feel my heart beat. MADNESS. stoked. now shoes.


little J said...

Romance is confused with cliche, or cheesiness. Such a shame, ain't it?

Amen, sister.

Highwaisted said...

i could not agree with you more little j. sucks that dudes don't try anymore.

Duke of Spook said...

Us dudes know that if one dude goes beyond the call of duty there's pressure on the rest. I think there was an episode of the Simpsons like this starring Apu

Highwaisted said...

so i've heard glenn. im gonna youtube that episode. LOL!