burning the midnight oil

almost 7 on a sunday and im back at the office keepin it real. attempting to ease up my Monday. obviously it's not working out that well cause im blogging. LOL actually im downloading some stuff so technically im multitasking.

So don't go gettin all antsy about seeing the joaquin movie. on a scale of 1-10 it's about a 12 in the depressing department and about a 10 in the weird department. I left the theatre thinking hmm so it wasn't a hoax and he's really just deteriorating. so i'd be pretty surprised if he came out of the woodwork after all this hype and was back to normal. spoiler alert!! he does a bunch of coke in the movie - off a prostitutes tits and then sucks them and this is all caught UP CLOSE. so that's something. I will however give him props for his attempt at rapping. he's better then me, so i guess that's not saying a lot... ANYWAYS

Saturday i went for a pretty intense run. like an hour run at a steady clip. good to know i can still do that, like it was 3 years ago. i couldn't be happier about this whole fall situation approaching. everything feels better in the Fall. then i spent most of the afternoon with the yuppies at holt's scoping out shoes for the wedding. All i spotted was a $700 givenchy cuff that i wanted and ben affleck with jennifer garner trying on dresses. they were on the other side of the store so obviously my bberry camera was not catching any of that nonsense.

next tiff movie is later this week! I think it's called monsters. i have no idea what it's about. im gonna go google that shit now.