bridal shower shananigans!

so i got home on sunday morning, pulled both my underwear/bra drawers out and emptied them into a garbage bag and filled them with some of the most adorable, amazing, sexy, cute, and perfectly fitting pieces ever. seriously i could not believe it but not one thing was duplicated and not one thing was too big/too small. everything fit like a god damn glove. unrizzle!

Waiting on my ma to post some pics so i can show you guys how absolutely unbelievable this day was. personalized water bottles, cupcakes, fudge packets, tea bags, tables, flowers, holy crap it was like my wedding before the wedding. My mom is the OG martha stewart, but prettier and cooler and more creative.

stay tuned!


Sophie said...

Awesome!! I wish I could have made it! Sounds like it was a blast!!! I cant wait to see the pics!

H. said...

Awesome day.
Sally - you fucking rock.

Also... "fudge packets" and "OG martha stewart"... heehehehehehee.



Kwil said...

that sounds amazing.