don't you hate it

don't you hate it when someone stumbles upon/finds/realizes that something exists that you've known about forevs/know more about/are completely obsessed with/can't believe it took them this long to find out about?

yeah. me too.

the blog world has a lot of that. a wise man once told me "everything is stolen, nothing is original, especially on the internet" (wise men are usually related to me).

and so there it begins. the constant search for something new and original and cool and never seen before. it will be interesting when a whole body of blogs start blogging anything but stolen material. now that my friends is a blog i want to read/look at/find before anyone else does. bahahahahahaha!!

originality though am i right?

boom suck a dink.

(old photos courtesy of my 'old photos' folder on my desktop)


Raymi Lauren said...

taaaaaaaaaken by?

Highwaisted said...

ah yes you did take this didnt you!

photo credit: see above. :)