bacon n egg mcmuffin for breakfast - it's happening.
wax booked this afternoon - i think i've finally got this whole waxing schedule down.
book club tonight! - tonight we discuss 'beautiful boy' by David Sheff. I've got 50 more pages to read by 7:30. im torn on whether i liked this book or not. it was interesting, informative but mostly like watching a long episode of intervention - the meth episode.
invites are printed! in the mail by tomorrow!

still no camera folks, but i threw that shiz on my registry so gather your friends and make it happen.

and now hot guys from hot guy wednesday

can you guess which ones were my picks?


kay zee said...


beans said...

omg beckham. BECKHAM.

Anonymous said...


Highwaisted said...


my picks were beckham, d'angelo and james franco.

mmm yeah

Kwil said...

Franco for the win!