bestie promotion!

so my bestie Hilary runs this totally rad online mag. It's based out of Kitchener Waterloo and most of the content pertains to that citay but coming up on September 24th she's hosting this totally ridiculously amazing thing called 'steel rail sessions'

that i will be attending as should you. I know I have some solid readers in the KW which im sure are already attending, but perhaps some of you torontonians want to take a break from the ossington strip and come party with some new artsy peeps?


you can order your tickets here. i bought after party tickets too. who doesn't love a good after party? it's at a clay and glass gallery. GLASS PEOPLE. i love glass.


H. said...
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H. said...

Awwwww! you're the sweetest :)
Should be a good night... and by good - i mean ridiculouslyamazingbestniteevercanyouevenwaitforittobeseptember24omg!!!!!!

Ok. i am trying not to over hype it. hahahaa.