on the move

rented a car this morning. it is a giant pile. and the engine light is on. PERFECT!

going to KW tonight for steel rail sessions with my bestie, then saturday shopping in buffalo and sunday i have another shower (groom's family) woot!

thought i was totally on the ball and made sure i rented the car this morning so i can just flex out of here right after work, but i forgot my friggin passport at home, then when i parked i forgot to buy a ticket, so i had to walk back to the parking and buy one, and then realized i forgot the fucking car keys. what kind of fucking morning is this???

looks like i know what im doing on my lunch. bruuuuutes.

tasting went well last night. everything is scrumptious. so if you got a wedding invite i say just pick whatevs - nothing is better then the rest.

i just called the car rental place:

"hi i just rented that pile of shit from you and the engine light is on"
"oh that's ok"
"ok i just wanted to check in case you set me up with a death trap"
"no no it's ok"
"can i have your roadside assistance number in case anything happens?"
"ok 555-5555"
"ok have a good day!"

this is where i would insert some photos but i still am without camera so thank you for sticking around for the mediocre writing.

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