salty meats

i forgot we hit up the st lawrence market on monday. we got there way early. like 9am. do you know how much fresh bread they have that early in the morning? and how full their cold cut selection is?? (i know cold cuts are the devil, relax we didn't buy any)

check out the antipasto. oh maaaaan aliiiiive.

and these peameal bacon sandwiches we got down with! we added tomato and lettuce and mustard! we are so smart!

i just added this head scarf to my collection. its a map of barbados. siiiiick. i'll have to take a better pic of the actual barbados font. i was way into it when i rummaged through the drawer at black market and it just blossomed out of the pile saying taaaaake meeeee taaaaake meeee.

i went to blacks and picked up some device that will transfer my last and final pics from my point and shoot canon. its a sad moment but my avril lavigne camera is being laid down to rest. you will be missed. and now i am going to scour the internet for a used DSLR. STOKED!

RIP canon. you were fun while you lasted.


Px said...

I LOVE those peameal bacon sandwiches - I think I need one today!

Highwaisted said...

omg sound the alarms! phil commented!

Px said...

Har ha.

Px said...

I went and got one and it was killer and now I want another one.