first of a series

today is the first of a series of uber important days. my ma is holding a shower for me in Niagara on the Lake complete with all my favorite ladies. this will probably be the only time (aside from the wedding of course) that all of these exceptionally radical peeps will be maintaining in the same arear. elated! and to top it off it's a lingerie shower so this girl right here will have a new underwear drawer by the end of the day. eeeeeee!!! feels a little bit like christmas morning up in here.

oldies but goodies. i know, not having a camera hurts me as much as it hurts you. LOL

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alana da silva said...

dude! you're gonna be a bride! thats friggin' amazing! i know it's obvious, but that phrase just never seems to come out naturally... ha ha ha... maybe it's the "dude" prefix. anyway... congrats again! i can totally see you struttin' down that aisle. do you have an entrance song picked out? i suggest either "Super Freak" or "Play that Funky Music"... both excellent and classy, especially in church.