had an appointment with a wedding related thang after work today but bailed on it cause work just worked me. and i was starving. so i cruised home with jogee, we threw some dumplings on the stove and grilled some asparagus and then i went for a little trip to the mall to scope out some bridesmaid dresses. i never would have thought finding shit for a wedding would consume all of your free time, but it does. I tried on some $700 stuart weitzman shoes that i obviously loved because they were $600 over my budget and then i searched for these to see if they were still kickin it at the bay but alas they were gone.

now that i see them again though im not as into them. sidenote: i really love the bay. i think the older i get the more i'll love it. department stores man, hidden shopping oasis.

then i killed 45 minutes on the elliptical, lifted some weights, and did 25 push ups. my new best! im trying for 75 a day. right now i can only do 25 in one go.


and this is the coolest cross stitch thing i have ever seen.

yes leiko yessssss. if you ever get tired of it, i will take it off your hands and give it a lovely new home.

and this is funny

and this looks neat

and this is some more wedding inspiration. fur. im into it.

and SCEEEEENE wait is it seen? omg i am getting so old i don't even know how to spell lingo anymore. omg i just used the word lingo.

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leiko shmz said...

The cross stitch is amazing isn't it? Actually it's Eric's which he got from a friend. I want to start a cross stitch collection.