labour day you've saved me

i NEEDED this monday off.
lots of body love needs to happen today.
gonna run through rosedale.
drink a vegetable packed smoothie.
go for a bike ride to the beach.
and watch a couple more episode of sons of anarchy.

my camera is officially broken.
dropped it one last time and cacked up the lens on saturday night.
so many good pictures on it too.
anyone know an affordable repair shop?

Our invitations are in the works!
my brother, his wife and their little babe (omg almost a toddler!) came down on friday night and helped us do the prep work for them, then we had an amazing dinner at house on parliament. had to endure an hour and half wait for a table and then another 45 minutes for the food, but the wait was worth it. little g unit is so fun to be with these days, such a little monkey.

i couldn't be more excited about these invitations. I think they capture jogee and I perfectly and hopefully they bring a little smile to people's faces when they rip that sucker open. wow i am getting soft these days.

saturday we watched more sons of anarchy - jogee's friend at work did us a solid and lent us 2 full seasons. pretty stoked on this show. and the main dude is a giant babe. hayley and i mostly sit there watching in anticipation for the next shirt removal. hummina hummina.

speaking of shirt removal - we also watched date night last night.

holy mother of crap mark wahlberg you are one fine ass man. PLUS mark ruffalo, james franco and common?! all my dream men in one movie?! RIDICULOUS. jogee was laughing cause i would leave to get a glass of water or something and he'd be like omg! get over here! another one! this movie was made for you!

saturday night we went to lovely Lauren's wedding - an old buddy from jogee's raving days. simple and classic. a short and very lax ceremony in allen gardens, followed by a delicious dinner at urban on king and then a dance party in the annex. More to come on that when i get my camera fixed! but here are some stolen photos from FB!

ah i love standing on furniture in bars. i bet those pics i was taking are awesome though!

completely unrelated - have you seen that new thing in the right corner of facebook called 'picture memories' or something like that. look at how long jogee's hair was!!

ugh i gotta go through my albums and tagged pics. there could be some pretty brutal 'memories' popping up on people's home pages right now...

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Duke of Spook said...

I really want to see that Sons of Anarchy. I'll trade you it for my copy of Meatballs.