i really know how it feels to be stressed out stressed out. (who sings that? trivia on highwaisted!) I'd like to say that mentally I deal with stress well (not open for discussion), but physically my body totally peaces out. Normally yes it's due to the fact that I'm burning the wick at both ends (for the record i hate that saying but i couldn't think of anything else) and after a good week of full blown relaxation (which i am completely incapable of doing) my body goes back to it's normal self, but otherwise i put all my efforts into the following:

sleeping. A LOT. i would say a good 7-9 hours a night is key. throw one night of 3 hours of sleep in there and i am ruined for a week.

eating well. duh. i have to admit my veggie intake is through the roof these days. i don't even like veggies!

exercising. thank god i live far enough from work that i get a solid hour of physical movement a day. otherwise im sitting in a chair all day staring at a computer screen (which im pretty into im not gonna lie. i love computers.) and there's usually always a work out with jogee on the weekend, weight lifting at least twice a week, and maybe a gym visit somewhere in there. you'd think that's enough right? but my naturopath friend in training tells me i need at least an hour of day of heavy duty physical exertion to rid myself of this fucking stress. LOL when am i supposed to watch tv and surf the internet???

and when all else fails i look to this:

one a day keeps at least a tiny portion of stress away? I've been taking these on and off for a while now and i do notice a difference. and now! they've introduced a new one called B Stress (it might not be new, just new to me).

and because i am a sucker for marketing/advertising and now rhodiola i bought them.

explain this to me though - my pee is still fluorescent yellow which means i don't even need this stuff right? like it's being flushed right out of me? but maybe i just don't need some of the B vitamins in it and my body is using the other ones? plus the rhodiola of course.

talk amongst yourselves. someone get back to me.

any other stress relieving tricks out there? aside from a 12 pack of brews and a blunt? oh and doing it? haha doing it. mom, don't read that part!

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Anonymous said...

That would be ATCQ (MY BOYZ) featuring the lovely and talented Mrs. B.I.G. Faith Evans! What do I win?