board game anyone?

omg krista! they made a cafe for you!

Toronto introduces it's first official boardgame cafe - via blogto

Photography by Dennis Marciniak

I'm pretty into this idea. i'm getting more and more tired of the bar scene, so this is a nice change to a friday or saturday night (or a monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, sunday night) actually i never looked at the hours of this place... so maybe it's just a day thing. WHO KNOWS! invite me! i love balderdash!


Duke of Spook said...

Balderdash is one of the few games I dominate

Highwaisted said...

FOR REALS?? are you a really good liar?

i see a couples date in the works!

kay zee said...

It would be a little more "Krista" if it were licensed, don't you think bud? :)

Highwaisted said...

it's not licensed??

fueledxcaffeine said...

I passed by here the other day. What a neat idea. Too bad it's not licensed.