fish tacos!

I'm pretty exhausted from last night, went to xx and hot chip. I have some pics and video i'll upload later. xx was solid. hot chip - not so solid. Actually I was thoroughly bummed by their set. I don't own any of their albums so I have a feeling they were obviously playing most songs from some album I know nothing about. It was at the Kool Haus. that venue is shit. I don't know why I continue to go to shows there. You can never find anyone in there, waaaaay too big. Pretty stellar crew of my brother's friends made it out though and we had a little hang time in the apartments that are attached to the distillery. dope pads but really long and hallwayish.

Tonight we were gonna have a little bbq with Bryan and AJ, but I have a feeling I am going to be ready to call it a night by 9 and i just looked out the window and it's friggin pissing rain right now, and I rode my bike! BRUTES!!


we have some avocados that need to be eaten - which means guacamole - which means tacos - which means mexican fiesta with the kittens!

i've convinced hayley to have fish tacos! I've never made them before! LOL. this should be interesting.


Kwil said...

mmm i am so hungry right now too. no hopes of going home for dinner anytime soon either. this killed me.

i'm jealous you got to see the xx. cannot wait for pics and video!

m said...

fish tacos.....perv!

kay zee said...

I've always wanted to make fish tacos.
How were they?

Highwaisted said...

the fish tacos were FRIGGING AMAZING. we used haddock. i cooked it in the oven first until almost cooked through - put them in garlic butter and lime and hot chilis and then took them out and an fried them for like 4 minutes and voila! broke em all up and then put them in the tacos. ridiculous. soooooo good.

steph said...


can you email me your recipe? like, dumbed down to the MAX? i bet its the only mexican i can convince ryan he likes.