laa teee daaa

A friend lent me the book "Four Seasons - The story of a business philosophy" a week or so ago, and although i'll probably never get around to reading it (although i probably should, im super into successful business stories these days), it did manage to get me to go on their website and dream about vacations I will never have in my lifetime. oh siiigh, the things some people take for granted. I can't recall ever staying at the four seasons, but from what this book boasts and from what i've heard it's a dream come true. Imagine you were this super high profile business woman who was flown all over the world and stayed in these ridiculously beautiful places? believe it or not im hoping to make this happen before im 50. I've got a good 20 years. my goal is to get to bora bora. just look at this place. RIDICULOUS.


raymi lauren said...

ok i want to kill myself now

Highwaisted said...

so fucking beautiful huh. makes me sick!