sarah and kris. pretty much the best present eveeeeeeerrrrrrr. remember when your parents went away when you were little and they would bring you a gift back? I vaguely remember straw hats, fringe tank tops that said hawaii or nassau on them, sand (my mom is awesome. she brought us back this black and white sand from BVI, i think it was BVI - great vacation gift. Great. i remember being so blown away by just the sand!) jewelry, porcelain dolls, etc etc. sorry off track as per usual. kris and sarah brought us back these goodies. how adorable. joe rarely says emotional things out loud but he brought up to me the other day how nice it was that they brought us those gifts and i agreed. siiigh - awesome thing - when someone comes back from a vacation and brings you back a souvenir. THE KITTENS! i swear it's the kittens that are making me so friggin girly. i swear.

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