i've had a bad taste in my mouth for the past 24 hours. (not because of what i ate) I'm hoping to get rid of it tonight by hanging with some young fly females in liberty village. Jogee already did a pretty good job last night and also sent me a text today that was exactly what i needed. but it's creeping up on me again and i think all i need is some young, fresh, free, unbiased, nonjudgmental, naive, innocent thinking.

megatron is giving me the sexy eyes right now. that's also helping.

and as someone that can admit to not thinking before saying things sometimes (a lot of the time) i'm trying to just brush it off, not think anything of it and carry on business as usual.

also -
i found out something today by accident that is going to change things up a bit in my life a couple months from now. its a good thing so be excited for me.

omg save me from the emo youtube search im about to get down with right now.


Raymi Lauren said...

whats wronggggggg

Highwaisted said...

im getting blasted with adult conversations im not prepared for.