i was incredibly angry when i left work today. poor jogee had to deal with the wrath of alicia the whole walk home.

reasons why i was angry:

weather - gad damn rain. i hate it.
carrying bags - I HATE carrying bags. hate it. i've only made this realization recently, but it's a strong one. carrying bags - grocery bags, lunch bags, bags with extra shoes in them, gym bags (haha yea right i wish! motivation? where are you?), just bags in general. anything i have to carry over and above a purse makes me beyond peeved. scary angry.
i had to pee - can ruin any walk
sweating - despite the fact that it was 5 degrees, i was actually sweating. im a sweater, like i can sweat even when im sitting still. whyyyy??
my feet hurt - knee high boots. bad call. - my favorite new investment is comfortable, dope shoes for work and walking. impossible to find.

how i got over it:

went for a run
scoped out dope photoshoot spots for photoshoots i will never have
ate pasta
had a bath
put on crisp pj's

pajamas and spooning kittens. perfs.


La Dick said...

There's nothing worst than Walking Sweat. Fucking infuriating.

La Dick said...

Uhh I mean "worse." I can never comment properly from a blackberry.

Alicia said...

the worst. especially when wearing grey!

Kwil said...

I hate walking when carrying bags too, especially when I have to move them around and struggle to get down the sidewalk with other people all bumping into my junk. that stress is what makes me sweat. that, and when i'm walking home not in 'walking gear', i feel as though i am wearing WAY too many things and I start to get claustrophobic and i want to rip everything off.

i yearn for my pjs while at work some days. they help, truly. and spooning kittens. !!!

La Dick said...

the absolute worst, worse than sweaty walks and carrying bags, is when you have to make TWO FUCKING TRIPS to get something done. like when you have one thing too many to carry to the car in one trip, or you realize you forgot your cell phone and you're out the door and down the block already. worst thing ever.

Markus said...

I'm cheap so i don't buy plastic bags at the grocery store and i never bring enough with me so they're always overweighted and they cut into my hands and it hertz!!
The run-on sentence is done for dramatic effect!!