lordy lordy!

checked out our friend Bryan's new side project - Lordy Lordy - a kind of spin off to Black Hat Brigade. good times! especially when Markus found a can of shaving cream! aj and bryan's view is pretty ridiculous. I'll be all over inviting myself over there for brews once the weather gets ridiculously warm.

it was soooooo chilly last night huh? total wind storm all over the map. I knew not even 20 steps away from our door that i didnt dress warm enough. it's hard to go back to a winter coat though after you've been rocking a denim and light weight leather for the past 2 weeks.

markus gave us free piggy back rides

and then we headed over to kensington to continue the party at Ronnies. too bad ronnies was packed to the brim but not too bad that we went to the embassy and then i thought about chloe for the rest of the night and how much i miss her. siiiiiigh. i hope ronnies isn't like that all the time. it bummed me out to see so many peeps there. the thing that i loved so much about that place was how untouched it felt by the masses. ahhhh well.

then i convinced jogee to go for chinese food. we went out of our usual menu realm and ordered thick noodles with pork. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

ask for sweet and sour sauce on the side when you go for chinese food. that is if you dont already. it will turn your meal into magic. also make sure to try the red vinegar sauce that sits beside the soy sauce in those holders on the table. flavour explosion.

oh and i almost forgot! phil and his zippers. we were all pretty blown away by this for a good 2 minutes. the zippers matched exactly!

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raymi lauren said...

dont be intimidated by ronnies patio explosion just sit your ass down at someone's table then gradually take it over. i'm there every sunday 4 or so after rehearsal.