sangriaaaaaa kabobs

last night was good times. ripped it to Sarah's. got down with her peeps. solid hang times. as much as i dont want to repeat myself - cause i probably said this 3 times last night but i felt OLD. funny how that just creeps up on you like that. katie assured me that im still holding it down like a 22 year old though so that's reassuring. i watched 5 minutes of the hills before i had to bounce. that show is somethin else. i know a lot of people have a major hard on for it though so im going to hold back the slander. i wanted to hit up 751 on my way home to get a feel for the dudes that keep it real there. not for my sake but for a handful of girlfriends that keep telling me i need to go there with them to scope out the boys they've been drooling over as of late. I picked up craig and we found a sick booth in the corner and got into a heated debate about men and women and feminism and stay at home dads and then it got a little too heated and we kinda left after saying some things we shouldn't have. thank god for bbming, cause it was all cleared up within 5 minutes and we were buds again. everyone needs a good heated convo every now and then though. throw a little gas on the fire. BLAM!

then i ran home. seriously. i ran. i hope i worked off a beer or 2. and then i crawled into a bed full of kittens that were totally stealing my spoon position. I let them have it though. boyfriends and kittens. you need to let that happen when it's happening.

forgot my camera at sarah's though so no pics for you guys until later.

you can look at these instead. hayley's been throwin them my way all morning.

hayley's gonna make them sleeping bags this week. and we are going to take them camping. i should probably buy them little backpacks and walking sticks.