Goodbye Basketball - HELLO TFC!

Shannon hooked it up last night and took me on a date to the TFC game. MY FIRST EVER! and it was the home opener. siiiiiiiick! Definitely helped in my mourning of the Raptors. I think i may have found a new sports addiction. believe it. beers there are friggin huge - MAGNUM beers. so I was feeling the vibe pretty quickly. and how good are Outdoor venues? so so so good. I thought i might of fulfilled the hot dog craving I've been having for weeks, but never happened. tonight might be the night. Are there good hot dog places in Toronto? street meat sketches me out too much. wow i have the shakes today i think. how choppy is this post?

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!!! coolest chick of all time. OF ALL TIME.


misunderstood genius said...

I was gonna go too but I had to work! Wicked eh?!

Kwil said...

lucky! i heard they are such fun games to go to!!