out of my element

picked up our rental car for the weekend. worked the hotwire website and got a sick deal. only catch was I had to pick up the car at the airport. so yesterday morning i packed up my new book - "the girl with the dragon tattoo" kissed spaghetti on the face 5 billion times, checked in with the vet on megatron (all is well now), put on an adorable tye die dress, denim jacket, and hopped on the subway, and then a bus, and then got the car. my day was a bit of a mish mash. my one and only goal was to visit Hilary in Kitchener but traffic and kitten sickness and easter weekend craziness killed that goal around 3:30.

emo alert.

anyways got to see my niece which was stellar. she is turning into such a little person. I wish i could show you all how friggin adorable she is. I know I'm totally biased but she is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen. EVER.

had a glass of wine with dutchie in the suburbs at the old neighbourhood pub. good conversation about scenes and people and fashion. it was nice but you could tell he was fully drained from fashion week, so i took that cue and drove him home and planned my new night in toronto.

started with a banana and a box of leftover wine and some bacon dippers. and holding spaghetti the ENTIRE time while getting ready. it's like magic when you feel a little animals love. he missed his brother so much. omg im tearing up right now.

decided on a fit for the night - texted the girls to see if it was going to be too much then decided i didnt care regardless and hopped in a cab.

FIRST STOP: baitshop.

i can safely say i have never felt out of place, out of my element, awkward, uncomfortable or self conscious at any party, event, get together, etc etc. but holy fuck. i walked into this place and felt COMPLETELY OUT OF MY ELEMENT. in a room with 90% dudes (also usually never phases me) 99.9% skateboard industry peeps/enthusiasts (thought i would remember this world from my teens/early 20's) and a handful of girls (half of which i knew and fully jived with) but STILL, still i felt weird. could have been because i was the only one wearing heels, or could have been the roach i smoked 20 minutes prior. toss up. welcomed it regardless. it was interesting to embrace. i guess i've been hangin in the same scene for awhile now and forgot that there's all these other neat worlds out there. liked it actually. it was eye opening. i love it when nights out are eye opening. i warned you of the emo in this post.

NEXT STOP: raymi's bday at central.

what an adorable little bunny she was! the central is an incredibly warm place. it feels like home there. i liked it. perfect for a cozy night with close friends and beers. sweet staff too and good patio action. i only stayed a hot second cause i was worried about the 9:30am megatron pick up and i wanted to get down with this beautiful day we're having. still managed to take 5 billion photos of myself before passing out though. oh and managed to steal a monster size piece of the blythe cake. i ate it for breakfast. still so moist. AMAZING.

Raymi's throwin up the magic sign. did i mention that Jogee won FIRST PLACE in his magic tourney yesterday? you laugh now, but wait till we're on a beach in bora bora sipping back champagne thanks to his winnings. nice work honey. im hella proud of you. :)

Thank you for lending me your shoes Hayley!!!

ok time to attempt riding a bike in toronto. PEACE!

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