the shit dont stink

well not as bad anyways. Megatron and Spaghetti were the lucky recipients of a purina maxx scoop package from matchstick a couple weeks ago. It came with a 'poop palace' aka the cozy corner litter box, a litter catch mat, a boatload of treats, a scooper and holder and coupons for free boxes of litter!

Originally jogee had just bought litter pans for them - ie. dollar store plastic boxes - they're just little guys, we didnt feel the need to splurge. However, after a couple weeks of having their poo out in the open i was losing my friggin mind. and then BLAM! i get a package at work with this fancy thang

dope. aside from it having a broken handle on the left side when we set it up, this thing has changed our lives in the poo smelling department. locks all the stank in and luckily the kittens were super down with the idea of a cave with a door to drop their deuces in.

I can now after 2 weeks of having this new litter box say that it's amazing.

AND the litter mat that they gave us was awesome too. totally catches the litter on their little paws when they hop out of there.

AND the litter is by far the best litter we've tried. no word of a lie and i'm not even trying to big up the product. We tried multiple kinds (no name litter, presidents choice eco friendly litter (worst one), some other brand of litter) before purina sent us the coupons for theirs. Clumps nicely, reduces the stank by about 40% and is easy to scoop out of the box. BUT we still havent tried the 'small spaces' one cause they are constantly sold out at our neighbourhood grocery store.

it would have been siiiick if they sent us someone to vacuum our bathroom everyday too though.

Thanks Purina and Matchstick!

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Kwil said...

hahahahaha the idea of a cave with a door to drop their deuces in !!

excellent :)