take a look, it's in a book, it's reading rainbow

First Book Club meeting was fabulous. the girls were rad, the food was DELICIOUS, the wine was never ending and the book was meh. in my opinion anyways. but i also only read half of it. so slow and boring. but after hearing about the ending - i might actually read the rest of it.

we had technology happening at an all time high and skyped one of the members in. solid.

what do you even do at a book club meeting? obvi talk about the book. we had a pretty laid back structure of it all - but basically we went around the room and people gave their opinions about the book - what they liked, didnt like, were confused by, thought wasn't needed, thought was unlikely, thought was well written, thoughts. Then we had a question sheet as back up when the conversation started to go off topic. once we had all dished/bitched about everything book related we ate and drank and gabbed our faces off. SO GOOD. i can't wait to pick a book and host one of the nights! stoked! I'm an adult!

sorry - duh, the name of the book might be pertinent in this post.

the girl with the dragon tattoo by stieg larsson. can't say i'll be rushing out to get the next in the series.

The next book we're reading is... is... shit. i can't remember. I'll get back to you guys on this.

totally down with the book club though. I was a reading maniac before i realized what beer and fashion and boys were. I missed it. glad im back on board. i don't even want to think about all the amazing books i've missed after all these years. there were some attempts last summer. I think i borrowed 10 books from 10 different people and then read half of all of them and gave up over and over cause they just were doing it for me. Raym's - i read your post. i have your book safe and sound. i'll give it to you next time you're in my hood. :)

now i just need a craft club. i really really want a craft club. who's in? 1 night a month. someone brings a craft and teaches us all how to do it and then we do it and then you give it to someone you love. shit i still need to make 3 things for Hilary, Krista and Hayley. am i missing anyone?

that's it im sending out the fb event right now. craft club REPRESENT.


meredith r. mistletoe said...

ah man, this makes me want to have an adult book club as well.
Raymi and I have been talking about doing crafts foreverrrr but it has yet to actually happen. I have a billion craft supplies though.

Duke of Spook said...

Liv's got a bit of a craft club going. Contact her for more info. The first paragraph of this post when made me laugh pretty good

steph said...

ryan was just telling me last night this book series is flying off the shelves? ahahaha what a lame saying. but meh yeh? thanks for letting me in on that.

your hair looks SO CUTE

Raymi Lauren said...

holy crap is this ever wholesome.

babysitters book club meeting and everyone dresses as their favourite babysitter. file it under: i need a fucking boyfriend ASAP.