just saying

oh pereira. thank you for the material.

this is sundeck music. WHY IS IT RAINING AGAIN TOMORROW?

rando ponderism - when you bought weed in highschool, did you prefer hydro or sess? do they even use those terms anymore?


beans said...

i dated a guy in grade 9 that was obsessed with this band.

Highwaisted said...

siiiiiick! he's a smart man

steph said...

ryan also loves them

ummmmmmmm i was too busy drawing huge black X's on my hands in high school
raymi says "sess" still but she's a nerd.

raymi lauren said...

sess is what rhastas smoke it's the best you can function on it, mellow mellow high, like the hash of ganj. it's more expensive cos each plant produces so few buds of it. if you know a better word lemme know perkins!