Thanks matchstick/maybelline!

KZ and Beans have already posted on this so i don't feel like i need to get into it heavy duty - but it was girls night the other night and i saved up all my maybelline goodies so the girls could have a free for all on them! woo! I think everyone left with a little somethin somethin aside from Nina who forgot hers. oh neeners, no worries i'll save it for you for the next time you're over. BUT you have to tell me exactly what colours the eyeshadows were and what kind of mascara it was - ya know just like how you lose your cell phone at a club and then they make you give a full blown description of all the scratches and phone numbers you have in it/on it. We made some vids of Laura doing her make up but there was a lot of X rated discussion happening that can't be broadcasted internetly. I'll see if I can work my editing magic on it.

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