finally. it happened. someone (i love you chris) invited us to their cottage!!

rolled in around 11pm and jumped right into the shit show.

then when it was time for bed, jogee tossed these over to me and said "look i bought us his and her toothbrushes!" cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

I brought a remote control car!

it was a piece of shit. we built a ramp for it. then i played with it for about 5 minutes and then i was over it. i should have spent the extra 10 bucks for a better one.

look at all the amphibians we hung out with!

and dead butterflies!

bocce ball! i always hated this game/sport (what is it? a game or a sport?) I think it's a game. IT'S SO BORING. but lately i have become a pretty big fan. i think it might have to do with beer though. drinking beers should be in the rules for that game.

then we almost died on this boat ride!

it doesn't look like it from these chill pics but my back is totally mangled from the air we caught on this thing. i was also holding on for dear life so my hand is also mangled. fun times! not really. sorry bryan and aj! but we warned you to stay away from the boat rides. even though a couple hours later i was like "wanna go on a boat ride?! let's go!"

awwww all tuckered out.

and here are some miscellaneous photos because i feel brain dead right now and can't be bothered to caption anything else.

the last of the OG KFC's.

we didn't eat there.

but we ate here!

i give the crust 4 sardines out of 5!

i give that weekend an 11!

turn up the good, turn down the suck! omg i hope we get fubar 2 in our TIFF picks.

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