it was the perfect day, with the perfect mom and the perfect dress. :D

Kinda bummed I never took any photos when she took my measurements, or outside of the store. MOM! we forgot to take those photos! meh. we can always do them when we go back for the fitting.

then we went out for dinner at voglie on church to celebrate!

I was pretty stoked on this outfit.

the food was GREAT!

especially those deep friend olives.

then to harlem (again!)

that's raw critic on the right!

nirvana for a night cap!

where i had a very solid conversation with some dude named Thomas about fixies. bike Aesthetics. i like it.

and then this happened:

a good old fashioned walking home photo shoot.


Alyson said...

I am rocking some SERIOUS outfit envy right now.

alana da silva said...

- that outfit makes me salivate.
- congrats on the dress pick! cant wait to see it, as im obviously a bridesmaid. ha ha ha ha...
- im in KITCHENER! holy shit
- joe is adorable
- how do you guys eat 14 dinners a day and look so damn fine? explain