met up with matt and phil and markus and markus's rat tail the other night to catch a flick at YDS. i have no idea what movie we watched cause all i could think about was smartfood but i was too lazy to find a convenience store and buy some. good times though. i wish we took in those flicks more often this summer. meh. there's always 2011.

loooooong meeting in the west today. when i touched down at my digs i downed 2 beers immediately. it was that kind of day. long. intense. my outfit was way too business, it needed an untuck around 10am. we weren't even in the meeting yet!

and now... now we are heading to a ballin cottage in the kincardine arear. i am going to get so down i fear the hangover that follows me.

all for a good cause though - it's fucking sunny all weekend and i ain't got shit to worry about. WOOOOOOO!!!!

ps. my mom is ok! venue's booked, photog's are booked (love you guys!), dj is booked. ain't no messin around now my friends.

have a lovely weekend. if you want to feel my vibe you should @highwaisted and take a peek into my twitter world. i'm new around those parts but so far i fit right in. ;)

one love.

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