i would say 8 out of 10 times it's me waiting for jogee and not jogee waiting for me. i can appreciate a dude that takes his time picking out an outfit though, so i try not to bust his balls when he's taking forever. here i am waiting. but for the record i think he was ready before me this night and then when i was ready he had gotten into a very intense game of solo magic cards so i had to wait (take these photos of myself in front of my closet) until he was done so we could leave. OK! how interesting is this blog!?

then we went to Bar Italia (again) to have antipasto with Adam and Clare and Jim bob james jimmy jam jimmer. the antipasto there is pretty friggin awesome. they have a great selection of meats and also a good amount of cheeses but the olives suck. Do you guys have any antipasto reco's? we are on a mission to find the best antipasto in the city.

theeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn we went to see LORDY LORDY at rancho relaxo. They are the nicest guys of all time. you should check them out. and totally buy them a beer and then hang out with them after their set. woo! band friends!

sidenote: hi AJ!!! send me the baseball ticket info!

Then on Sunday Jogee and I got up supes early for a sleep in day and just ripped it. did tony horton cardio x, banged out some push ups and sit ups and then just pumped the iron like you don't even know. Then over to my papa's for this ridiculous dinner:

3 day marinated flank steak. unrizzle.

time to build the family race track!

video to come. it is uploading which will essentially take 6 years.

update! here it is!


kay zee said...

MMMMMMmmms stuffed tomato

Alyson said...

Omg steak.

maris said...

pizzeria libretto. sooooo good.

AJ said...

Ahh dude I just saw this now! thanks for the sidenote -we'll make baseball happen soon!