big things

big things are gonna happen today. or at least i hope they happen.

i rode my new bicyclette in today. she's a little rusty and makes a lot of noises, but she did the job and holy shit am i happy for that. hello 20 minute commute i love everything about you. walking can suck it. I think i will fully be one of those wahoo's riding their bike in the dead of winter this year. or we're hooking up a sled to jogee's bike and he can be my chariot.

I spent a good hour with the kittens last night all wrapped in comforter and sheets and pillows. They are so human sometimes it blows my mind. all those dog lovers out there constantly baggin on us cat ladies saying they don't even come when you call them, they're such assholes etc etc. you need to spend a week with Spaghetti and Megatron. They will change your cat perception immensely.

I think i'll be out searching for table settings this weekend, while jogee brings home some rare and expensive magic cards. wedding countdown is close. and no im not pregnant people. jeeeeeeez. i was never one for a long engagement. always thought that if it actually happened, that some dude was crazy enough (smart/cool/nice/nerdy/different/generous/basically jogee enough) to ask me to get married we would make it happen within months. and blam! i think it's actually happening. eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

it's amazing how long you can talk about weddings with your lady friends. it's also an incredibly awkward thing (for me anyways). do they want to talk about this? do I want to talk about this? is there really that much to talk about? do i need to keep some things a secret, so they are a surprise on the day? do you say how much you think it's going to cost? do you ask their opinion on the venue and the flowers and the food? there your besties right? you totally value their opinion but then on the flip side it's YOUR wedding and you want it the way you want it, so you don't want to boom roast their ideas right? if you know what you want anyways. im kind of in limbo with that. i thought i knew what i wanted (actually not really, i was just stoked on buying the dress and kissing jogee's face and partying my face off), but then all these factors and things come into play and what you thought you wanted turns into something a little different. not a bad different just a 'oohhhh i never thought about that, good point', different. i'm pretty stoked on how things are falling into place though, as i knew they would, but man oh man there are some stressful moments in this whole magical time of your life.

ANYWAYS have you guys seen any good movies lately? i feel like we havent been to the theatre in forevs. we used to go at least once a month and stay for the day and sneak into at least a couple but i can't even remember the last time we did that. buuuuuut we did just purchase our TIFF package which is pretty damn exciting. we're gonna do the film fest up real nice this year (that book 'the help' is making me talk like that 'do it up real nice'). none of this last minute ticket buying bullshit.

i hope gael garcia bernal is in a movie this year. that movie star makes me weak in the knees. ah movie stars. do you remember the first time you fell for a movie star? i wanna say mine was patrick swayze but i also think it could have been dylan mckay. he's a tv star but that still counts right?

wow. i think i've filled my writing quotient on this blog for a good coupla weeks now. writing quotient? did i use that correctly? who knows?

and now let's look at these adorable little fall get ups.


Lauren C. said...

FYI - I would love to hear all about your wedding. You don't even have to listen to my opinions on anything, I just want to hear the plans!!!

Highwaisted said...

woo Lauren! ok!

I'll email you. ;)