nneka world

so awhile back this fine ass lady told me about nneka. I was instantly hooked. 100% my vibe. then as some insanely wonderful things happen time and again (YES MA!! woo! you are one strong beautiful wonderful woman, yay for the news today!!) i noticed she had a show coming up at the FRIGGING EL MOCAMBO. small venue alert. (this was one of the 2 shows i bought tickets for a couple weeks ago) and dialed up Tara and booked a little girl hip hop/reggae/soul date for Tuesday night.

this show has officially made the top 3 shows i have ever been to. it was perfect in every way.

i also think i sweat off about 30 pnds. flashbacks to mosh pits and punk shows when i was 15. I know i'm always complaining about heat and sweating and hating it but this kind of sweating comes from a different arear in this little body of mine. like from the same place as an epic gym visit, a really really good hot yoga class, an x rated ew mom dont read this kinda night or a night in a small club with an incredibly good human vibe and some truly soulful vibes. hooolllllaaaaa.

first. we dine on thai food. oh yes.

pose for a touristy thimble picture

meet some new camera settings i am not privy to. tell me your secrets Tara!

awwww old time buddies back again. i've known this babe since we were 15! that's a long time in friend years for me.

and we arrriiiiiive

ohh i guess it was sold out. sorry phil i was wrong. i saw tickets still on rotate that day though.

and then... we got right down to business.

mooooore! i need more LIVE Nneka. damn la-dick. daaaaaaamn.

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