kick start my heart

hi friends! another sticky humid so over summer weekend has passed! yay! that much closer to fall fashion and good hair days.

friday I wore heels all night. no pictures to back this phenomenon up but i assure you it happened. i feel like it needs to be mentioned when you decide on heels for a night. that shit is like putting yourself through water torture. fully worth the sexy vibe it gives off though. very productive night aside from the Parts & Labour completely unnecessary line up where i was once again reminded of how much the west end and I don't get along. As much as I try to feel the vibe there I'm let down again and again.

ANYWAYS, saturday was a car rental disaster. you'd think there would be 1 car available in all of downtown toronto to rent for the day but no. there wasn't. I think jogee and I came to the conclusion that it might be time to bring a slick ride back into our lives again. it's so great not having to pay for anything car related though. gas, insurance, parking, maintenance, etc etc. but i feel like we could alleviate some stress from both our lives if we had that luxury back again.

especially after getting stuck in the subway for a solid 30 mins on saturday night.


made it to Kris and Sarah's with sufficient time to get down though.

they win best balcony set up of all time so far. straight up sweet patio vibe. Fantastic use of space. take note condo dwellers.

then we hit up midpoint for this radical Matix shin dig. Get into that brand friends. hella cool duds.

we had a solid crew which is always nice. lots of laughs and buddy connections. I get the biggest warm fuzzies when buddies from different worlds all party together.

thanks for ruining this totally adorable picture creepy yellow shirt guy.

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