how embarrassing

so i just realized a couple days ago that i have been telling pretty much everyone i know that i am looking for a TANDEM bike. when really i meant a HYBRID. holy crap how embarrassing. and i just did it again on FB chat with a total gear head.

Kenny has been the best dude ever and is sending me sweet rides on the regs but everytime i call the peeps selling i am too late. this no bike situation is killing me. like literally throwing my world upside down. i've been late for pretty much everything for 2 weeks. ok. craigslist and kijiji lets do this.

something unrelated - jogee and i had a little date night on sunday. walked to little italy for dinner with a pit stop at some sushi place in gaytown. a guy jogee works with was sitting at the bar drinking sake so we decided to join him for a sapporo and this friggin beautifully crafted tasty appetizer

then he showed us pictures on his iphone from his latest trip to the arctic where he took video of these little guys

omg turn up your speakers these guys are the cutest things i have ever heard/seen.

back to little italy - we went to bar italia. it was mucho impresso. we ordered the antipasto (our latest obsession) and the bufala caprese salad. and 2 pints and a couple black russians. hel-lo new drink in my life. i wanted something like dessert coffee but didnt want to deal with the caffeine attack later on so i went with the black russian. mmm so good.

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Alecia said...

OH MY GOD. I must have a baby seal immediately. In the second video, at the very end, the baby seal looks like he's crying. My heart has broken in two with cuteness/adorable sound-overload.