business lunch

last week my pa and i went to brassaii for lunch.
I had the feta, watermelon, arugula salad and the calamari. and a pint of sapporo. mmm yes good. oh and we shared the molten lava cake. we can't say no to dessert.

then i found out it costs $55k just for the rental of that place. (was thinking possible wedding venue?). that is totally mentally insane. can you imagine dropping $55k just on the venue before food and booze?

anyways i like business lunches. if you ever want to wow me you should take me on a business lunch. complete with business ideas and detailed strategic thinking. im totally serious. i know Hilary feels me on this one.


Kwil said...

i'm in town for business on wednesday and thursday.... I ought to eat lunch one of those days. ;)

Highwaisted said...

lets do that!!!

fb me girl!