this too shall pass

laid low on friday despite my patio beer drinking plans with some very fine gentlemen. rarely do i have to cancel on something and when i do it usually means im a wreck. so was the case on friday afternoon. i think all the stress had caught up with me and i had to take a major time out. slept for a good 20 hours that night. i feel better. the stress symptoms are still lingering but i think im past the worst. holy bummer city it is up in this blog. let's talk about something else sheesh!

thursday jogee and i were invited to a lovely cocktail party complete with the tastiest carmelized onion blue cheese phylo pastry pizza you could imagine and we caught up with these adorable honeymooners

deciding where to honeymoon has been more of a challenge then i anticipated. pick a sick place and just book it right? soooo not the case. jogee wants a beach vacation, i want a historical, art inspired, fashion infused, latte on a spanish/italian patio vibe. we played around with the idea of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark because a) I've never been to those countries and b)it has a siiiiick metal scene. the t shirts and shows we could potentially go to would be epic. and c) a friend of a friend lives there and seeing her in her element would be fairly radical. however, the weather has been a bit of a deterrent for the time of year we would be heading there. so back to the drawing board we go. there's always thailand right?

friday - slept. read above.

saturday - my ma and step daddio came for a visit and wait for it........BROUGHT ME A BIKE!! it's a vintage cruiser, complete with family heirloom status and a rusted gold frame. needs a little tlc (KENNY CALL ME BACK) and i should be back on the road in no time. i know i know vintage cruisers aren't my vibe but when this one was rode by my grandfather and my father and my ma and travelled its way into my arms from quebec to ontario things are a little different. stoked to feel the energy of the old times. i hope i get magical flashbacks when im on it.

then they took us to the Hamilton Tiger Cats Game! my step grandfather was quite the celebrity in his day so it was pretty neat to see peeps approach him for his autograph and basically tell him he was the ultimate footballer god of all time.


caught the last go train back to the t dot. we're officially a backpack couple now. i picked up a bp for jogee the other day on my walk home. texted him that i bought him a present and then set it up all nice on his computer chair for when he got home.

his reaction was priceless

jogee: "ooohhh you got me a back pack!"
me: "yeah, did you think it was going to be magic cards?"
jogee: "nah i knew you wouldnt get me that, i thought maybe it was going to be a backpack."
me: "do you like it?"
jogee: "it's kind of big"
me: "you can return it"
jogee: "no it's fine"

cut to the next day when he comes home wearing it

me: "how was your first day with your backpack??"
jogee "i look like a ninja turtle! heroes in a half shell, turtle power!"
me: "turn around"
me: "oh yeah it is a little big"

LOL so now we refer to it as his turtle shell.

bp couples for life!


Duke of Spook said...

liv's family also has a strong CFL tradition!

Also, I really dig that new banner

Highwaisted said...

no way duke! thats crazy! remind us to talk cfl next time we hang.

and thanks! my ms paint skills are pretty unbelievable.

Casey said...

that is the ugliest back pack I've ever seen.

alana da silva said...

1. backpacks are the only way to travel. we've been bp-in' it for a couple of years now. welcome!

2. i miss you guys!

3. great call on skipping Scandinavia during november... lots of time for element observing and cobblestone latte sipping.

4. new york? are you coming here? before Aug 24?

Highwaisted said...

casey you are the meanest!

Alecia said...

Thailand is pretty awesome, although I don't know how well it would lend to your desire for "historical, art inspired, fashion infused, latte on a spanish/italian patio vibe".

Barcelona is SERIOUSLY awesome for beaching, and while I didn't do anything but drink I'm sure there is some of what you are looking for. I've never been to Greece but it's the first thing I thought of when I saw your two descriptions...hella decisions/options!