I've got a hat and bat and that's not all!

I'm flexing to the Jays game tonight with a WHOLE BUNCH OF BUDDIES! can't wait. The last jays game (whoa! click on that link! i love this blog for this very reason, back in time in just a couple clicks!) I went to I think was with James and Hayley and James paid to have 'Happy Birthday Hayley' on the jumbotron. It was soooo epical. New word!

It is also where this picture first surfaced. Wow I am gorgeous.

I'm happy to report I tore apart our storage closet in our bedroom this morning (AND wasn't late for work) and found that jays tee which I will be sporting once again, and now that I look at that picture I will also be wearing that belt. Which I haven't worn since probably that last game I went to. Weeeeeird. And coincidental! I've since cut those jeans into shorts though. And my hair is way longer. And I have a new cell phone and I have no idea what purse that was.

and this is what i ate for lunch today!

from zupa's on adelaide! it was fantastic!


beans said...

that's the pruse you gave to me in the swap! wanna borrow it?? ;)

Kwil said...

i'm doing a jays game on Friday!!
that tee is classic. it reminds me so much of joe carter, roberto alomar, john olerud, etc.

Highwaisted said...

solid memories kwil. SOLID.

yes hayley i might have to borrow that back one of these days! :)

steph said...

love the shirt and the title and the post
have fun GO BLUE JAYS

Alyson said...

That shirt = mega dope.

Jun Kahng said...
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fueledxcaffeine said...

mmm Zupa's