and the number 1 way to ruin a day before it's started issss....

walking to work in 45 degree sweltering humid smog filled exhaust fume weather and realizing you have a 2 hour meeting starting at 9am. and the last thing you ate was a smoothie at 7am. and you realize you have green sludge rubbed into the ass of your white pants from said smoothie.


however, 2 great things happened today - my friend sarah sent me an 'idea board' for my wedding. it was the coolest. and hayley emailed me about a dress that i thought was in my distant past. butterflies!

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Kwil said...

awww. friends are awesome.

in highschool, i got up when my english class ended, only to find someone else's period blood on the seat of my khaki's. if that makes you feel any better ;) I forever check my seats now.