guilty pleasure

ok so despite the fact that i think she's a skeletor butter face I have this strange allure that I can't seem to get rid of. victoria beckham - soccer moms of all soccer moms.

her airport outfits blow my mind. not gonna lie, i may pull some of this vibe when we go on our honeymoon. ridiculous heels and all.

also just for the record i effing hate the new google images layout. i don't understand how this is more user friendly? actually i don't get it at all. someone explain it to me.


Kwil said...

as a designer madly searching for inspiration/backgrounds/product images, i love the new layout because i get to see the images and that is typical what i use the image search for. strictly images, none of the other info is needed. you now see more images on one page in your search, and when you click on the image you are interested in, it automatically loads it in a lightbox so it is easy to drag and drop the original size onto your desktop. much better than before, for me at least.

Kwil said...

i said 'image' way too much in that comment.

Highwaisted said...

oooohhhhhh that makes sense Kwil. I think if i had a way better monitor/screen i would be more down with this. i knew google knew what they were doing.

Alyson said...

She has sweet cans for a Skeletor, though, I have to admit.