de la soul

so jimmy was saying he bought a greatest hits record for de la soul and after listening to it was like meh these guys didn't really have that many good songs. I have to agree with him here. we went to their yonge and dundas appearance for the closing of nxne and joe and i only recognized like 2 songs. if that! I never turn down an old school hip hop show though. NEVER.

Jogee and I had a pretty funny experience trying to lock our bikes up together. it was our first time! i hope no one was watching us. we made locking our bikes up together the most confusing awkward difficult impossible task of all time, and then we just decided to walk an extra block to find a better pole to attach them to. then i turned back at least 5 times to make sure they were ok. do you do that? god im so paranoid about bike theft.

anyways here we are having a lovely time drinking mill street lemon tea beers (like!) and chattin up phil and matt in the photog pit.


Alyson said...

Extreme NXNE jealousy.

kay zee said...

Your hair look so LONG there!

Highwaisted said...

its growing like woooooooaaaaaah !!