i need a big mac

and possibly some McMini's. Has anyone tried those yet? are they awesome?

this is what i've eaten today:

smoothie: almonds, OJ, blueberries, strawberries, blueberry yogurt, rhubard, romaine lettuce, and some water

a hard boiled egg

celery and almond butter - no ants (raisins)

quinoa salad with celery, chick peas, cucumbers, beets, purple pepper from our food share, some green onions, and some roasted red pepper dressing.

i also woke up at 6am today (and yesterday) and biked to the gym, did 30 mins on the elliptical, 15 mins of free wights, and biked back home. it is alarming how many people are awake at that hour. and not just crack heads!

i think i deserve some mcdicks. and a 2-4 of red stripes.

sidenote: there is a girl at this new gym im going to that is totally mental. her work out is so intermittent i cant handle it. example: walking on the treadmill, stops after 3 mins, adjusts her shoes, walks on it again for another 2ish mins, stops, fills up her starbucks cup with water, walks on it for 1 minute, runs for 2, stops, adjusts her ipod, walks for a minute, runs for 2 minutes, stops, gets a towel, etc etc. all the while flailing her arms and dancing like elaine. I've been told i run like a girl on more then one occasion but this chick was just ridiculous. i contemplated going to another floor of the gym so she wasn't in my sight at least 5 times. she eventually finished her 'workout' and left. oh but wait only to walk by me 5 more times singing to herself and making sure to stare at me each time while passing. OMG if i see her there again, im going to another gym.

the weather is pretty awesome today, and my hair didnt get ruined by the humidity. win win kinda day ya know.


steph said...

TOTALLY deserve it i hope you got it! i tried a mcmini once, pretty decent, its all about the big mac sauce right? but its weird to taste the tortilla, doesn't match up. it needs a mini-bun- perfection.

Highwaisted said...

steph are we talking about the same mcmini? cause this one was pretty shit. it's like a long nugget on a tiny baguette with 2 strips of sauce. no lettuce or tomato or anything! i was disappointed.

Raymi Lauren said...

um that girl was me