couch day

so i've been fighting off a little throat/head ache thing for about a week now. Yesterday I felt like whatever was happening in there was set to conquer my throat region within hours and i was right. So i'm taking a time out today and rebuilding the empire with ginger tea, kale and spinach smoothies and kittens.

it was also one of those sunday nights/monday mornings where i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just go 'UGH' so i slathered on some self tanner, slept on it and woke up to a streaky mess, which motivated me to put more on to try and even it out. meh. im probably the only one that will notice. I asked Jogee and he was like "huh? what? no i don't see anything".

Hayley and Mike's bday P.A.R.T.Y was a gong show huge success. I think there might have been a hundred people in our house at one point. Unfortunately I missed out on the gay bar, but i heard it was a sweat fest, so im pretty sure i would have been stressin about my mane the whole time. passed out on the couch at about 4am which is about the same time my throat gave me a huge f you and started to hurt like a motha.

the photo project isn't dead!

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Alison said...

I want one of those chocolate chip nest things please.