lunchtime with highwaisted

do you guys buy groceries every week and make your lunches and bring them to work? or do you just go out for lunch everyday? or do you not eat lunch at all? I've talked about this before - I need constant variety in what i eat everyday. My friend Clare eats the same thing everyday without fail. I couldn't do it. Here's a typical week of food up in here:

Lunch date with Jogee: diner around the corner. we both got chicken souvlaki dinners- chicken, french fries and greek salad. look how adorable our bill was:

jogee is going to love that pic.

then yesterday i had a spinach wrap with turkey, spinach, miracle whip (omg i love miracle whip) provolone cheese and a slice of salami. it was pretty dry. i should have added some tomatoes or something.

then today i had this:

tuna sandwich, tomats, cukes, marble cheese. i have a nectarine and some strawberries for after. but when 2 o clock hits i'll probably cave and walk to the corner store and get some dark chocolate. i am dark chocolate obsessed.

what should i have tomorrow? give me lunch ideas!


Raymi Lauren said...

cut up celery and cukes and buy a dip

Raymi Lauren said...


Alecia said...

I'm not sure what you should eat tomorrow...but i had to holler back regarding miracle whip because IT'S THE SHIITTT! Love it.