bike ride buddies!

went for my first bike ride with a bud-dy on Sunday afternoon! Didn't get back from the burbs till pretty late so i was worried i might not be able to squeeze a ride in, but lucky me as i was rollin by matt's place I gave him a quick text and BLAM! he was on the exact same wave length as me and totally down for a lakeshore ride. Aside from almost being killed in the first 3 minutes (i blame you matt for telling me to go south too early, LOL) the ride was totes perfs! Matt asked me if i was comfortable with street riding and i was all "ah hell yeah i've been riding the streets for a couple weeks now". He didn't clarify that he meant actual roads and specifically spadina where it cuts off the gardiner and then down to the lakeshore. That part was way scary, but he redeemed himself by giving me the inside lane and riding beside me so we could chat the whole way. it felt like grade 5 all over again. We rode down to sunnyside and grabbed a popsicle and sat on the beach and the waves were rolling in and ah man it was such a lovely time out from everything. Thanks Matt! I had my camera on me, but completely forgot to whip it out mid ride. i love mid ride pics. siiiigh. jogee! you need to get a bike!

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