macgyver'd my phone out of the sewer grate

i was a little bit all over the map last night.

Impromptu drinks with craig at squirly's.

He's been training for a triathlon. that shit is crazy. listened in on some intense convo at the table beside us (something about quitting drinking and in turn having to quit partying) and then had to bounce and meet up with erin at laide. arrived safe and sound despite not having lights on my bike yet and then proceeded to get down.

cut to 30 mins later and i drop my phone onto this scary sewer grate. luckily it fell onto the bars perfectly so nothing was lost, but then i dropped it again seconds later and the backing and battery broke off and landed in this needle, gum, cigarette butt, dead rat, who knows what else infested hole. i was pretty much over it a minute later, afterall i had an extra battery at home and im sure i could just hit up china town for another backing but then BLAM my macgyver skills kicked in and i gave everyone a piece of gum to chew, announced that i needed to find a stick and then this totally solid dude comes out of the bar with a broom stick. we pile all our chewed gum together, put it on the end of the stick and voila! fished out my battery and phone backing. everyone cheered and then i rode home.

gooooood story.


Raymi Lauren said...

that sewer grate has seriously no business being there

Highwaisted said...