let's do this.

totally down with this.

LOOK AT THE TIGHTS. i thought i was over tights until i saw these ones.

at first i was like what is this? a necklace?

and then i was all ITS A CLUTCH! off the chain. off. the. chain.

vest corset. i like.

not necessarily with this seinfeld puffy shirt but i like it.

i've got a pretty epic wedding coming up. i have the dress. still need the shoes, panty hose, hair idea (omg i might wear it up!) and jewelry. i can see it (my outfit creation) perfectly in my mind but it might require several shopping excursions. good thing i have thursday and friday off this week. daaaaaamn what's up 4 day weekend. let's do this!


Alyson said...

It is so damned hard to find patterned tights in a city with no H&M or F21. I live vicariously through your style.

Highwaisted said...

alyson! you need to make a trip over to etsy and just order that shit online girl!